1. Music Royalty Statement Exposed - 0.020p per stream!

    Thanks to Thom Yorke for commencing the Spotifight. His recent tweet about Spotify not supporting new bands really sums up the general view of music service by smaller artists.

    Music streaming sites pay artists very nearly nothing. Spotify is a vehicle for promoting the more well known acts of its record label owners. Therefore its purpose is to promote the more commercial artists e.g. Rhianna, rather than supporting new bands.

    Music streaming sites such as iTunes and Spotify WILL kill music. Cash cows like The Rolling Stones won’t be around forever. How can new artists break though when they’re earning, at best 0.22GBP per play. The royalty statement below shows Rapids!’ earnings at the height of their career - a total income of 400 quid. A band will spend this on petrol alone, let alone recording costs, making your own CDs and the hours and hours ploughed in to promoting the bands cause. Thank goodness for that live session at the BBC - £200 for 15 mins playing. Thank you BBC.

    So thanks Thom, you may have made your millions in the 90’s - the pre-streaming years- however we appreciate the sentiment down here in normo-land.

    Spotify is not mentioned specifically below (i’ve never seen them mentioned in a single one of our royalty statements, even though we have over 5000 plays). I think the point is, if you’re in a new band you need to be doing it for the love of playing rather than any financial reward.#

    Some figures from another statement:

    iTunes play - 0.020p
    Play.com play - 0.030p
    YouTube play - 0.030p
    Amazing Radio 0.50p